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In order to effectively serve clients wishing to sell or purchase an active business, NAI has established a specialty of Business Brokerage with professionals fully conversant with the complexities and protocols unique to this business sales. We service businesses of all kinds, including retail, food services, manufacturing, distribution/wholesale, and commercial/industrial service companies.

Primary services include dispositions, acquisitions and valuations.

Completed Transactions

  • Dispositions

    The sale of a business is a very complex, time consuming and specialized task and many factors must be considered prior to and during the selling process. To maximize the selling price and obtain a timely sale, the seller and the Brokerage must:

    - Prepare the business for sale
    - Determine a realistic selling price
    - Review tax and accounting concerns
    - Maintain confidentiality
    - Market the sales opportunity
    - Qualify potential buyers
    - Effectively negotiate and close the deal

  • Acquisitions

    It is common knowledge that the best business opportunities rarely get advertised. For those serious about making a corporate acquisition, a formal acquisition search program will allow a prospective purchaser to identify a greater range of available opportunities in an industry.

    The search process for a business acquisition opportunity is a very complex, time consuming and specialized task. There are three primary phases to the acquisition search process, and a number of factors that must be considered within each phase.

    Phase 1 - Determination of the Search Criteria
    Phase 2 - Contact and Negotiation
    Phase 3 - Due Diligence and Closing

  • Valuation

    We provide opinions of value for most types of businesses, and for a variety of purposes.  A business owner may wish to determine market value for their business for future sale, estate planning, tax or share reorganization, taking on new partners or divesting a partial interest to another party.

    - Qualify potential buyers
    - Effectively negotiate and close the deal

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